Saturday, December 18, 2010

Location is Everyting! Even When You're Online!

Location, Location, Location.

Right? Right. You've heard this before. Location is everything is establishing your business.

This old adage holds true even online, and it's ever more true as Google tweaks their Places product. Top that off with their new HotPot service entering into the local business listings market and the writing on the wall seems pretty clear.

All of this is combining to lead a lot of online marketers back offline to the brick and mortar world to offer their services as obvious experts in helping real world small business people take their services to the online markets.

There are forums springing up for discussions of offline marketing. and services to teach you how to land and service offline businesses with online marketing strategies.

And the golden goose that many of them are chasing is the top rung of the Google Places local listings.

The thing here is that, while for most businesses it is nearly certain that a great Google Places listing is going to help with offline marketing efforts, it isn't really what the client wants.

The client wants one single thing from your marketing consulting. they want more customers spending more money. However that is best and most economically achieved is of little importance. So remember, if you are going to enter this "new" marketing arena, don't marry a specific tool or technique. Always focus on getting results, not on performing some generic list of tasks.

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